Community Recognition

In The Community

While some companies feel paying taxes is enough to support and sustain their region, S.E. Cline Construction looks beyond obligation to what they can give back to their community. Even in tough economic times, Cline Construction donates over $10,000 per year to local charitable organizations. This generosity is not driven by marketing goals, but rather a deep belief in the importance of family and community.

In addition to supporting local sports teams and fundraising efforts, Cline Construction donates to over 20 charitable organizations every single year. Only some of these organizations are shown here. It is one thing to live and work in a community, it is another to take part in the building and improving of that community through donation of time, money, or volunteering. Cline Construction is proud to share what they have and continues to do so.

Please contact Cline Construction for possible sponsorship opportunities - good causes and good companies make for a better world through partnership.