Land Development Projects

Name: Flagler County Airport Runway Safety Improvements
Owner: Flagler County BOCC
Started: Feb-14
Completed: Aug-15
Amount: $1,072,860.54
Description of Project: Commercial Sitework: Earthwork. Roadway Construction.
Name: Verizon Wireless
Owner: Galvis Construction Company
Started: Jan-14
Completed: Apr-15
Amount: $81,598.54
Description of Project: Commercial Sitework. Underground Utilities.
Name: South Riverfront Park Improvements
Owner: City of Palatka
Started: Jun-14
Completed: Dec-15
Amount: $1,272,341.51
Description of Project: Boat ramp & parking.
Name: Harbor View Marina
Owner: Graham P.C. Florida, Inc.
Started: Jun-14
Completed: Current
Amount: $464,393.31
Description of Project: Earthwork.
Name: Raw Water Line Extension
Owner: St. Johns County BOCC
Started: Jun-14
Completed: Dec-14
Amount: $400,783.00
Description of Project: New 24"Dip raw W.M.
Name: Palm Drive Storm Pipe Repair
Owner: City of Flagler Beach
Started: Jun-14
Completed: Sept-14
Amount: $54,975.00
Description of Project: Replace existing 60"CMP with 60"RCP 96LF.
Name: Hazard Mitigation Oak St. & St. Johns Ave.
Owner: City of Palatka
Started: Jun-14
Completed: Nov-14
Amount: $482,859.00
Description of Project: Utilities.
Name: St. Augustine Shipyard
Owner: St. Augustine Shipyard
Started: Jun-14
Completed: Current
Amount: TBD
Description of Project: Sitework. Demo.
Name: Beach Haven Phase II
Owner: Hari Maru Florida, LLC
Started: July-14
Completed: Current
Amount: $917,080.09
Description of Project: Storm dains system. Potable water. Low pressure sewer. Curb and new roads.
Name: Sunset Cove Water Main
Owner: Pebble Beach Home Owners Association
Started: Sept-14
Completed: Oct-14
Amount: $60,234.00
Description of Project: New 6" water main & service.
Name: Chick-fil-a
Owner: WH Bass, Inc.
Started: Oct-14
Completed: Current
Amount: $89,690.00
Description of Project: Sitework. Utilites.

Island-Walk-RedevelopmentName: Island Walk
Owner: Hawkins Construction, Inc.
Started: Nov-14
Completed: Current
Amount: $2,427,895.00
Description of Project: Sitework.